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UptimeInspector is a server monitoring service, it sends an alert if server outage happens

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What is website monitoring?

When we talk about website monitoring we do mean a process of testing of interaction between website and a visitor. The reason of conducting website monitoring is to make sure that the site works properly and does not go down. Webmasters try to minimize downtime and make their sites convenient for end-users. But for any improvements it is crucial to have comprehensive information about bugs, therefore website monitoring tool is needed.

The typical scheme of website monitoring is the following. A webmaster creates an account on website monitoring company. Next company is starting to check website with defined frequency. If website monitoring tool finds any problems on the website (accessibility, time of loading, etc.), webmaster will be informed by special notification.

There are several different types of website monitoring. If we are taking into account from which side website is monitored there are inside and outside monitoring. There are also two other main types of website monitoring:

- synthetic monitoring. Conducting this type of website monitoring a special web browser emulation is used. This program simulates actions that might end-users take. This system is used to find bugs in the performance of website before end-users would do it. Therefore synthetic monitoring is a preventative measure.
- Passive monitoring. This type of monitoring deals with traffic. System creates copy of the traffic and this information can be analyzed then. Passive monitoring can not be used before problems occur. Therefore this type of website monitoring is for troubleshooting.

When tool monitors a website it is important to notify webmaster about the results of the analysis. This data is crucial and urgent, therefore system of alerts is used. Usually website monitoring tools use several different notification alerts (according to webmaster preferences):

- e-mail
- sms
- messenger
- fax and others

It is essential to conduct website monitoring via servers around the world. With this approach it is possible to check if a website can be reached from any network of the globe.

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