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UptimeInspector is a server monitoring service, it sends an alert if server outage happens

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Monitoring Services

UptimeInspector monitors the servers and websites that you specify, 24/7, every day of the year, using multiple monitoring locations in different parts of the world. With the help of this network that never sleeps, you can monitor anything from a personal web page, to a corporate server with a great deal of different services, and get timely and precise alerts to the specified contacts - email, SMS, instant messaging, or by a voice message on your phone. Or get them all simultaneously. Remote monitoring has never been so remote before. Get yourself a helping hand that controls your business even when you are watching dreams.

Each task is monitored from at least two different locations, making a step forward in availability monitoring. You can add more locations quite easily, or select the specific monitoring locations you want. You can customize monitoring intervals, check types, ports and impressive amount of other features and nuances, including custom number of confirmed failures before an alert is sent out (to avoid false positives), providing you with the flexibility you could never expect from web performance monitoring.

All notifications are delivered with respect to your time zone, so you don't have to calculate time differences in order to work out the local time of an event. Such feature will surely save precious time needed to react in case of emergency.

For each monitored host, you can get an online report, or access the complete uptime/downtime logs stored on our server. UptimeInspector supplies data needed for the most accurate analysis. Find out more about your business and environment thanks to remote monitoring with UptimeInspector

UptimeInspector supports a great mass of monitoring tasks and their variety of modifications and tweaks, but generally all these tests can be grouped by two main categories popular among our clients: Website Monitoring and Server Monitoring.

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