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UptimeInspector is a server monitoring service, it sends an alert if server outage happens

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A nurse for your website

If you (or your company) have a website or even a server, you definitely would want it to be perfect. This desire is absolutely natural, because your website is going to be not only representation in the World Wide Web, but also your trademark, a guarantee of quality. That’s why you are probably deeply interested in its competent design, content and good paid hosting. There’s no use to economize on such aspect of a site as domain, e-mail, etc. It will be a sign of your responsibility and reliability. Thus, it’s better to spend more on your site and get more lately. Believe me, your expenses will pay off.

However, some website and sever owners think that after the site is done it’s all over. Of course, everyone is aware of the need to update the information, links and so on and so force. But what about the site itself? How can you be sure it won’t “break down”? Well, there is a way to be sure that if (or rather when) it does break down, it will be repaired at breakneck speed. And it’s not a miracle. It’s a server uptime monitor service.

Server uptime monitor provides a range of services that are destined to reveal any possible shortcomings and/or defects that your server may have (and one day it will happen).

Probably each of us is familiar with a situation when a server is fixed properly but all the same something is wrong. It can be anything. Long time of loading, big amount of traffic, out-of-operation script or link. Or it can be just some images that don’t want to shop up anymore.

Server uptime monitoring can offer you regular check of all your service and its slightest nuances. It can do the check of traffic, load of memory, speed and other characteristics. There are many server monitoring tools to cope with these problems. You can either buy and download server monitoring software or hire a team of specialists. But why to pay more?

Apart from server monitoring, there’s also something you should acknowledge of you have only a website (or several of those). Website uptime monitoring is also responsible for proper functioning of your site. A quality website uptime monitor provides full support concerning your site’s content and availability. Usual uptime monitoring software for websites helps to fix the system and follow the state check of a website.

Such monitor software can also check several sites simultaneously. To do the simultaneous check regularly you should just put on a special task, and all the process will be accomplished during certain periods of time. It can be very useful for those website owners who don’t have time for routine function check and would want to automatize the process. With the help of web monitoring tool you can make it just as easily. You also can see the logs of recently made changes to see what has been done. Site administration is provided though an interface which allows you to control the check in the real time mode. All of these you can easily try on This website was created specially for those who don’t want to loose their time, money and visitors.

Websites that are being checked are divided into several groups. For each group you may set specific customizations such as frequency of site checks, way of user notification, content type and log necessity. All of these groups you can either edit or, if you want, delete. Group site check is made one after another. First, it checks websites that haven’t been checked for the longest period of time and so on and so force.

It’s also would be useful for you to know that you can also view and control other characteristics of your website such as page rank, SEO-characteristics, define a folder where your log files will be saved on your C disk and you won’t loose it.

Thus, with website/server uptime monitoring software can make a bigger profit with your site. Though, I must admit, the team of web site monitor specialists can add some creativity to your brainchild. And what more can any website owner want?

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