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UptimeInspector is a server monitoring service, it sends an alert if server outage happens

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Website and server monitoring services provided by Uptimeinspector

The Internet is a tool for earning money nowadays. You’ve made some efforts already to get really good money out of this deal. I mean the search engine optimization, the design of the sight, advertising banners, etc. But have you ever heard about site monitoring? If so, you have an opportunity to use this service now.

If you have no idea about it I’ll say a few words. Site monitoring is a service that monitors a web server on a regular basis, and alerts specified individuals of any problems that are encountered.

UptimeInspector has a large net and experience of sites monitoring. We have six monitoring locations around the world. Uptime service provides an operational efficiency and flexibility, the high quality of services. During 24 hours your sites and servers are under our control. We offer you the opportunity to try our Uptime inspector for 7 days and make sure our Uptime server monitoring gives you all you need.

UptimeInspector makes your website, monitors the Search Engine Rank, alerts by Phone, SMS, IM or email. The checking of DNS blacklists, ping of packets, availability of files on the server, server responds on requests and many other functions are under control of the server monitoring service. Moreover, UptimeInspector makes reports for you and gives you advanced monitoring features. All features you can easy add or change on your account. What the features can we offer else? Let’s see: set the monitoring interval, check load time of the pages, check the work of scripts, external objects (as Flash, ActiveX, Java Applets), pass a set of cookies to web server, load or check availability of images linked to the page including those specified inside CSS files, verify the absence and the presence of certain keywords on the page. Uptime service detects all problems, monitors all processes of your servers and sites.

We watch the quality of our services. Every time the number of our successful customers rises. Don’t waste your time! Forewarned is jorearmed. Get your account now and rich you goals with the service monitoring UptimeInspector.

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